Rail Fencing Range Overview

Emerald Fencing rail fencing is a welded fencing system designed to meet the requirements of low-risk pedestrian demarcation and to fulfil a wide range of applications, including: sports fields, flower beds, parks or gardens, and even tree surrounds. The product has also been used successfully around statues and objects of specific interest to the general public, as a permanent or temporary solution.

Emerald's Pararail is a versatile product limited only by the imagination of its specifier, architect or consultant. The product’s versatility makes it ideal for keeping pedestrians from getting too close to any exhibits that require a low-level, unobtrusive degree of protection. It can protect against all kinds of footfall from spectators and visitors.

Rail fencing has been designed for ease of installation; easily coping with level changes by using a stepping or raked fence panel. Pararail offers independent panel mounting, with each section of fence mounted to its own independent pair of posts. This feature reduces ongoing costs and maintenance burdens. In the unlikely event that a panel needs to be changed due to accidental or deliberate damage, the process is simple and speedy.

Specifications vary for the Rail family of fencing. Typically, the system would be supplied as standard in 1.2m high panels and is normally clad with double wire panels from our mesh 656 range, using twin 6mm horizontal wires and 5mm vertical wires. Alternatively, the mesh 868 range could be used, using 8mm twin horizontal wires with 6mm vertical wires. Post centres on both product options are 2.54m. Please note that this product is not suitable for crowd control purposes.

For quotations and Mesh fencing prices on our rail pedestrian fencing, (fencing products are usually sold per metre) please contact Emerald Fencing sales department.

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